Guaranteed loans for business projects

Payday loans are one of the best financial tools available to individuals for monetary assistance in commercial ventures. A payday loan obtained by an individual may be administered by other members of the society.
People who administer payday loans have a stable employment, high social status and a remarkable financial position. Payday loans may also be administered by organizations not affiliated with the Small Business Association (SBA).
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Payday loans – Develop Your Business
The funding requested from the SBA may be denied by the institution and in this case, a related individual may guarantee on behalf of the actual loan borrower. There are lenders who are willing to grant funding on very easy terms and conditions. The purpose of this leniency is to grow personal community and/or to enable better relations with some clients.

Administration of payday loans
There are many people who are quite fit to administer payday loans. Such people can be searched from the SBA`s database by individuals who need payday loans.

Moreover, an easier approach would be to contact the financial institutions present in nearby locality. Financially stable individuals will be easy found by this simple effort.

How to Obtain a payday loan with no credit check?
There are a lot of avenues for consumers today as the internet has created a vast resource of meaningful opportunities. Information about lenders can be easily seen through visiting some websites. Contact and address of most lenders is shown on the website. It is not mandatory that the payday loan comes from the loan borrower`s town. Individuals may apply for institutions or lenders which are outside the home town.

Application Process for the Business Loan

payday loan application must be made after a complete financial review. Individuals are expected to correct errors in their credit report and clear past debt to get the best deals on any loan. The loan borrower must also define proper goals regarding his/her business venture. Impressing the lender is one key to success in successfully obtaining a business loan. Growth sheets and charts can also help in depicting the company`s objectives and estimated success/profits.

Repayment of payday loans
Payday loans are to be paid back quickly and due to this, they have a higher interest rate. Moreover, these loans carry larger repayments to be made each month. Traditional loans have lower repayment amounts and interest rates because these loans are to be paid in a five to seven year term. payday loans must be returned after obtaining them and used wisely to for business development.

How I Did It: Improving My Own Credit Rating

This article is about my experience improving my own credit rating. It is not a fuzzy scheme to do it or a dubious obscure procedure. It is just the description of what I have done.
I have done a couple of things to improve my credit score. Of course, there are plenty of more tips to repair damaged credit scores. I do not mean that they will work for any case, but they worked for me.

First, credit bureaus like Equifax, Experian or TransUnion (to name the larger three) are required by law to disclose consumers at least one free report of their credit rating every year. I started here and got these three free reports. These reports will build the basis of the credit repair endeavor.

Of course, you will see all that companies that sell credit reports. They just bet that you don’t know that these reports are free of charge and build their business upon the ignorance of some people. They will also try to sell you some sort of tips for improving your credit score. Beware of these tips. Some of them are not legal and most of them can be done by yourself.

With my credit reports on hand, I highlighted all information that was incorrect. Some of this information on my report was just not up-to-date anymore. One point was utterly wrong. I disputed all the wrong points. I sent letter (on paper) and got one reply within 10 days. The last credit bureau replied within 20 days. There are standard letters on the internet for this purpose. Had I not get an answer within 30 days, I would have sent a follow-up letter. At the end, I would have consulted with a lawyer who specializes in credit ratings. However, these harsh measures were not necessary. They accepted my rationale of why these points were wrong.

Getting these reports was also useful to understand better what kind of information is being collected. Although credit bureaus have a legit right to gather information, I didn’t know that this right was so broad.

If you don’t believe that some point is wrong, also don’t complain about it. Credit bureaus can put your name in a segregated file, as ‘people who make problems’. I don’t know if this is just an urban legend or if this file really exists. However, your chances of getting some point changed, if it is right, are probably quite low.

I went through the whole process because I am in need of refinancing my current property. A bad credit score will not only affect your chances of getting credit, but also your chances of getting credit at a reasonable rate. Personally I plan to review my file once every year.

Of course, the best advice for having a high credit rating is to pay the bills on time and don’t spend more than you can afford.

Payday Lenders is There a Place for Them in Today’s Economy?

Emergencies happen and by their nature happen quickly. When vehicles break down, or the air conditioner goes down where can people turn for help? Banking institutions in the United States along with the economy as a whole are not equipped to help the credit challenged or those in need of funds quickly.

Payday Lenders are in the business of providing short-term loans to employed individuals. The principal amount will be determined predominantly by the individual’s employment and wage. The borrower is expected to pay back the loan the next payday with interest or finance charge. States like Arkansas found a way to ban payday lenders. According to the Arkansas constitution, interest rates on loans are limited to 17 percent. The payday lenders claim it is not interest payments but a fee for services.

Individuals that receive a payday loan can pay anywhere from 10 dollars per 100 dollars borrowed up to 30 dollars per 100 dollars borrowed. If for whatever reason the individual cannot pay the principal on payday, or fails to authorized payment the lender then can charge the fee again and re-new the loan. The same terms will apply each time the loan renews. Loans automatically renew until the principal and all charges are paid in full.

Individuals receiving a payday loan will have those funds deposited in a checking account. The lender can also deduct payments from the borrower’s checking account. Many lenders have a clause where if the borrower closes their checking account they will be sued and or prosecuted. Once the borrower has received the loan, they are obligated to pay. They are not given the option of being a few days or even a few hours late before the funds are automatically deducted. Borrowers many times have found themselves in the rears in their checking accounts, because the payday lender had deducted the finance charge and principal.

There has been great debate over what many call predatory lending. At one point, the U. S. Government tried to shift some responsibility to banks to provide help for borrowers that use payday lenders. Banks under a voluntary program agreed to short-term loans up to 1,000 dollars. Banking institutions regardless of the loan amount or employment demanded credit checks and in most cases collateral for the loans. Individuals needing funds because of an emergency need those funds quickly. Banks and credit unions are not designed to process loans in that manner. The program no longer exists.

The theory is that if an individual does not have the extra cash today for an emergency then it is unlikely they can afford to pay it back on payday. So where does that leave the borrower? They need funds today. They borrow and then end up in a cycle where the loan is renewed along with the charges. Some claim that the borrowers have borrowed simply because they can. Experts advocate economic counseling prior to anyone receiving a payday loan. Borrowers cannot add days to emergencies sick children, or vehicle breakdowns require immediate attention. When an individual’s paycheck is the same every two weeks it is hard to see where the funds will come from to pay back a loan.

Payday lenders require an individual to be employed. The amount of the loan can range from 100 dollars up to 2,500.00 dollars. Borrowers have gotten themselves into serious financial trouble in some cases by allowing the lender access to their checking account. Lenders have the authority to deduct any valid amount owed along with charges.

The payday lenders call the charges service fees or finance charges. If averaged out over a year’s time, the fee or charges can range from 400 to 600 percent. One of the main reasons payday lenders are tolerated is because it is not over a year’s time but a matter of weeks. Many officials want to shut down payday lenders, but consumer demand is high.

Payday lenders on average receive over 4.5 billion dollars yearly on just fees alone. Obviously, the dollar amount loaned is substantially higher close to 28 billion. Many borrowers end up paying as much in fees as the amount borrowed. Unless states make payday lenders illegal in their states and consumers stop borrowing payday lenders have a place.

How to Save Money with payday loans: Advice and Tips

money save tipsMoney experts say that ten percent of someone’s paycheck should be placed in a savings account. But saving money is about more than putting a fraction of it away. It’s about changing spending habits. Most people don’t realize how much money is actually spent on extras overall.

Impulse buying

Supermarkets deliberately arrange their items in the store to encourage impulse buying. The candy bars and gum aren’t at the register by coincidence. But look at how much money could be saved in one year if people didn’t fall for these tricks.


A cup of coffee from a fast food place or a coffee machine is nice once in a while. But if it has turned into a daily occurrence, it’s time to reconsider. For what it costs, it could pay a cheaper monthly bill such as the internet.


Buying gifts for everyone for every birthday and holiday may not be realistic if living on a budge. Instead, consider doing something nice for the person that doesn’t cost anything such as washing and waxing their car.

Eating out

It’s nice to eat out occasionally. But keep in mind all things should be in moderation. Offers to pay for someone else to eat should be seldom. If eating out daily for lunch, consider packing a lunch. The savings will really add up.

Don’t loan money to others

Money cannot accumulate interest in a savings account if it’s always being loaned out to others. There is also the risk that they may not pay it back. It’s better to be cautious and not loan money to others.


Look at the budge and determine how much can be spent on entertainment and then stick to it. Everyone needs to have fun once in a while. But fun can be expensive. To save money, go to the one dollar theatre if there’s a location in the area. This is a much cheaper alternative compared to the regular movie theatre.

Another way to save money is to look at what television channels is in the cable package. If no one is home much then there isn’t much point in having the bigger cable or satellite dish packages.

Telephone and internet

Depending on the area, there can be a big price difference between dial up internet and high speed internet (HSI). Unless downloading big files (such as television shows or playing online games) then HSI isn’t necessary. However, if the only reason for having a home phone is to access the dial up internet then cancel the phone and get the HSI. It might be cheaper overall.

Having a cell phone is pretty much a necessity. But unless the cell phone is used all the time, it may be unnecessary to have a large package of minutes. But if the cell phone is the primary phone then consider getting rid of the landline phone in the house.

Quit smoking

Cigarettes have gotten so expensive. Quitting can be difficult, especially when experiencing a lot of stress. However, there are easier ways to quit now such as the patch. The money saved in the end will be well worth the effort.

How to Make it Through to the Next Payday

Living paycheck to paycheck has become an unfortunate necessity for many Americans. By the time our next paycheck arrives, our previous one is spent. There are times however, when our previous paycheck runs out before our next one comes in. If that has happened to you, you are aware of the stress and frustration this can cause. There are some guidelines you can follow to help you make it through to the next payday and prevent this from happening again.

Budget by the Week
Some of you may have a rough budget outline, some of you don’t have any budget created. You need to create a weekly budget to ensure you don’t use up your paycheck before your next paycheck comes in. To create a budget you should list all items that need to be paid that week. This can include the rent, car payment, cell phone bill, etc. You will then divvy your paycheck up among these items. Pay the more important items first – like your rent and electricity. Others may have to wait until your next paycheck. One school of thought always says to pay yourself first. That is, make a small contribution to a savings account so you can start building an emergency fund.

Stretch your Paycheck
Once you’ve divvied up your paycheck you should look for ways to save money and stretch your paycheck. Consider lowering your cell phone plan if you always have unused minutes at the end of the month. Start clipping coupons and buying sale items to save on your grocery bill. Contact your insurance company and consider raising your car insurance deductible which can lower your insurance bill. Purchase clothing at consignment or thrift stores. You may be surprised at how much further you can stretch your paycheck. Turn this saving strategy into a game to see how far you make your paycheck last.

Earn Extra Money
One way to stretch your money further is to make more of it! A little bit of extra income can make a big difference in your life. Look for simple ways you can earn some extra cash. Perhaps you can mow your neighbor’s yards, babysit their kids or walk their dogs. Consider a part-time job at a restaurant or retail store. Look around your house, garage, and attic for items you no longer need or use. You may be able to sell these at a garage sale, consignment store, or even online at an auction site. Once you are start looking and thinking, you may find a host of ideas for earning a little extra income every month.

These guidelines can help you make it through to your next paycheck. If followed diligently you may even find yourself able to start saving money, paying off debts, and stop living paycheck to paycheck.