How I Did It: Improving My Own Credit Rating

This article is about my experience improving my own credit rating. It is not a fuzzy scheme to do it or a dubious obscure procedure. It is just the description of what I have done. I have done a couple of things to improve my credit score. Of course, there are plenty of more tips […]

Payday Lenders is There a Place for Them in Today’s Economy?

Emergencies happen and by their nature happen quickly. When vehicles break down, or the air conditioner goes down where can people turn for help? Banking institutions in the United States along with the economy as a whole are not equipped to help the credit challenged or those in need of funds quickly. Payday Lenders are […]

How to Save Money with payday loans: Advice and Tips

Money experts say that ten percent of someone’s paycheck should be placed in a savings account. But saving money is about more than putting a fraction of it away. It’s about changing spending habits. Most people don’t realize how much money is actually spent on extras overall. Impulse buying Supermarkets deliberately arrange their items in […]

How to Make it Through to the Next Payday

Living paycheck to paycheck has become an unfortunate necessity for many Americans. By the time our next paycheck arrives, our previous one is spent. There are times however, when our previous paycheck runs out before our next one comes in. If that has happened to you, you are aware of the stress and frustration this […]