How to Save Money with payday loans: Advice and Tips

money save tipsMoney experts say that ten percent of someone’s paycheck should be placed in a savings account. But saving money is about more than putting a fraction of it away. It’s about changing spending habits. Most people don’t realize how much money is actually spent on extras overall.

Impulse buying

Supermarkets deliberately arrange their items in the store to encourage impulse buying. The candy bars and gum aren’t at the register by coincidence. But look at how much money could be saved in one year if people didn’t fall for these tricks.


A cup of coffee from a fast food place or a coffee machine is nice once in a while. But if it has turned into a daily occurrence, it’s time to reconsider. For what it costs, it could pay a cheaper monthly bill such as the internet.


Buying gifts for everyone for every birthday and holiday may not be realistic if living on a budge. Instead, consider doing something nice for the person that doesn’t cost anything such as washing and waxing their car.

Eating out

It’s nice to eat out occasionally. But keep in mind all things should be in moderation. Offers to pay for someone else to eat should be seldom. If eating out daily for lunch, consider packing a lunch. The savings will really add up.

Don’t loan money to others

Money cannot accumulate interest in a savings account if it’s always being loaned out to others. There is also the risk that they may not pay it back. It’s better to be cautious and not loan money to others.


Look at the budge and determine how much can be spent on entertainment and then stick to it. Everyone needs to have fun once in a while. But fun can be expensive. To save money, go to the one dollar theatre if there’s a location in the area. This is a much cheaper alternative compared to the regular movie theatre.

Another way to save money is to look at what television channels is in the cable package. If no one is home much then there isn’t much point in having the bigger cable or satellite dish packages.

Telephone and internet

Depending on the area, there can be a big price difference between dial up internet and high speed internet (HSI). Unless downloading big files (such as television shows or playing online games) then HSI isn’t necessary. However, if the only reason for having a home phone is to access the dial up internet then cancel the phone and get the HSI. It might be cheaper overall.

Having a cell phone is pretty much a necessity. But unless the cell phone is used all the time, it may be unnecessary to have a large package of minutes. But if the cell phone is the primary phone then consider getting rid of the landline phone in the house.

Quit smoking

Cigarettes have gotten so expensive. Quitting can be difficult, especially when experiencing a lot of stress. However, there are easier ways to quit now such as the patch. The money saved in the end will be well worth the effort.

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